Treated like a dog: It is Ultrasound about 14 kHz at my home

I have the torturing ultrasound at my home the whole day. I tested the spectrum with a special Ultrasoundapp for making my ultrasound. Recording with the phone is not possible, only with the securitycam. The app reaches until 8 kHz. I made the same sound with a dog defending app and it seems like it sounds equal as 14 kHz,

which is hearable for the human ear. (Hearable level is till 20 kHz) These noises are very loud here.

This app creates almost the same sound, but not as loud as it is at my home! 14 kHz.


Ask the Police?

When the police was called from the neighbors, they asked, why my music is as loud as it was, I told, it is loud because of these hightones sound. It was off, when they were here.  They only told me to go to the doctor. This is what you always hear, with a problem like that.

By the way, I shortly have had a foot surgery and am bound in this place and cannot go away!

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